Praxis: the 100% crypto utopian city that costs $15 million

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$15 million is the sum needed to create the “city of the future” as Praxis Society sees it. A utopian city that would run entirely on cryptocurrency. The dream of all investors that could soon see the light of day thanks to the fundraising that has been organized since March 3, on the Praxis Twitter page. This company, based in San Francisco and run by young entrepreneurs, provides an update on its crypto-state project.

What makes Praxis different from Satoshi Island?

The man never stops dreaming big. After the Satoshi Island project which has not yet really started, here is a new project born in the cryptocurrency yard. Initiated by two American entrepreneurs, Dryden Brown and Charlie Callinan, Praxis crypto City would be the first city-state completely dedicated to cryptocurrency. Like Satoshi Island, the futuristic island of Vanuatu, Praxis also intends to bring together all cryptocurrency enthusiasts in a city where current economic and political rules will have no place. For its creators, Praxis will not only be a tax haven for crypto fans. It will also be a « new » city that will take care of the environment and promote the development of everyone in society.

« Our brightest minds are working to leave Earth for Mars or the metaverse. Humanity was born on this planet and we let it rot shamefully. We can try to escape inside, we can try to escape outside. Or, we can fulfill our duty to build a bright future on Earth. »

Praxis Crypto City

10,000 interested parties and $15,000 for a fictitious project?

The idea is there and it is beautiful, even phenomenal. It seems unrealistic and yet already interests some 10,000 people. To set up this 100% crypto city-state project, the initiators of the project are asking for the tidy sum of $15,000. A fairly high amount, but the essential utility of which has not yet been revealed by our young entrepreneurs. Most will even be surprised to know that even the location of the new city of the future has not yet been determined. Some partners are thinking of creating a space platform, while others are proposing to create an entire city in Antarctica in order to install crypto mining servers there, completely protected from overheating. But it’s all speculation at the moment and investors are urged to remain vigilant about where their money is going.


Should we invest in a project like Praxis in 2022?

Praxis Society is not the first company to want to create a world of its own, based essentially on cryptocurrency. Other projects for autonomous cities, advocating the freedom of virtual currency enthusiasts, have also been developed, but without success, in the past. Among others:

  • Patri Friedman’s Seasteading Institute which envisioned the creation of sovereign maritime colonies off the coast of Tahiti.
  • Bitcoin City, a futuristic city project dedicated to the famous crypto of the same name in Salvador.
  • The Sandbox City, the city completely built around the blockchain by the American multimillionaire Jeffrey Berns.
  • Satoshi Island, the island of the Vanuatu archipelago, specially dedicated to cryptocurrency fans.

Currently, the investment grounds are very diversified. Man has the choice to invest in innovative sectors such as the metaverse and cryptocurrency.

Although these still seem very unstable, some already think of living in an ultra futuristic 100% crypto city, city-state or island. Food for thought !