The concept

“Move to earn” conveyed by StepN has been a sensation since its release in January 2022. The application, a masterpiece signed by Binance, set the goal to democratise crypto currencies among the most incredulous. As the are still a lot of those, who hesitate to take the plunge into web 3.0 because of all the speculation around, crypto currencies should become more attractive when they are more easily accessible. But these are still a lot of questions like how and where to earn crypto currencies by running? So, here is the guide you have been waiting for.  


StepN: the essential "move to earn" application in 2022

StepN is an application that allows users to earn cryptocurrencies by simply walking or running. Launched in January 2022 by Huang and Yawn Rong in Adelaide, Australia, this app is now ugely popular among the users all around the world. In just 5 months, it grabs around 2 to 3 million active users per month worldwide. Despite being the latest in its category, the market capitalization of its native token (GMT) reached $860 million on Sunday, May 22, 2022. Its creators, a serial entrepreneur and blockchain venture capitalist, are more than happy with the $3-5 million net profit which the app brings daily, or up to $100 million per month.

StepN : how does it work?

StepN is a fun application with the range of functionalities almost similar to other blockchain games like Axie Infinity, Sorare or even Bitcoin Alien Run. In practice, it is indeed a financial product like so many others, but this little playful touch brought by its creators, makes it stand out of the raw and thus make it more interesting among the others. To play StepN, the user must respect certain conditions. For example to buy a pair of virtual shoes at 12 SOL ($600) at the current market rate. Available as a non-fungible token (NFT), these digital shoes can be resold later to other users. Because, in order to level up in the game and make gains, the user will need to make new moves of foot. The winning amount can reach up to several thousand dollars for the more active users, depending on the current price of GMT in the market.

What tokens to use to play StepN?

To play StepN the user should choose between two tokens:

the Green Satoshi Token (GST)

It’s the utility token from StepN. It allows you to progress in the game and can also

serve for:

– Level up your shoes.

– Open mystery boxes.

–  To fix your shoes.

– Create new NFT shoes by reproducing it.

– Improve the gems.

A GST used for an action is automatically expired. Furthermore, it can be

traded for USDC or SOL.

The Green Metaverse Token (GMT) is the the

governance token of StepN. It essentially allows you to obtain a power to vote on certain decisions. But it can also be used for the following:

– Pass key levels with your shoes (5, 10, 20, 29 and 30).

– Reproduce your shoes.

In practise Huang and Yawn Rong foresee 12 cases of GMT usage in the game

that they promise to unveil gradually over the next few months.

How to buy/sell GST or GMT?

To buy and to sell

GST or GMT allows the user to progress quickly in the game and to create your our shoes by means of the following possible options:

  • Go to centralized platforms like Kucoin or Binance.
  • Use the “wallet” of the StepN application to exchange them for USDC, GMT and SOL.
  • Get access to the decentralized exchange service such as Jupiter or Orca.

StepN: which pair of shoes to choose?

StepN offers 4 different types of sneakers: 

  • The “Walker” model for fast walkers on the move at a speed of 1 to 6 km/h.
  • The “Jogger” for the more athletic users who can walk (or jog) with a speed of 4 and 10 km/h.
  • The “Runner” which, as its name suggests, is particularly suitable for professional athletes who can run at a speed of 8 up to 20 kph.
  • The “Trainers”, the pair that suits everyone because, it offers optimal comfort of use for a speed of 1 to 20 km/h. This model is a privilege and its price  much higher than the other pairs.




in GST (basic)


1 to 6 km/h

4 GST/énergy


4 to 10 km/h

5 GST/énergy


8 to 20 km/h

6 GST/énergy


1 to 20 km/h

4 à 6,25 GST/énergy

Summary table of base earnings in GST depending on the type of sneakers.

How to evaluate your earnings in StepN?

StepN’s win statistics display different info:

  • Efficiency (GST Gain) which displays the GST gain per minute.
  • Luck (best drops) which determines the “mystery boxes” won by the user in each session.
  • Comfort (GMT Gain) which reports the gain of GMT.
  • Resilience (Loss of durability) which allows to reduce the wear of the user’s sneakers after each race. Because, you should know that the sneakers have a durability bar and that a less worn pair saves GST. In both directions, the usermust show a lot of intelligence, from a level of durability of 50, he loses 10% of gains and beyond 20, he can lose up to 90%.

How to choose the right pair of sneakers in StepN?

At the begining, the amateur user will have to choose a mode “common” but as the game progresses the user will understand that his choice will depend on the number of points to be won.

Type of sneakers


Gain level

Bonus estimated in energy


1 to 10




8 to 18




15 to 35




28 to 63




50 to 112



Summary of statistics and gains depend on the rarity of the sneakers.


How to go from one level to another with your sneakers?

To level up with the chosen pair sneakers, the user must burn GST or GMT. The step “burn” can improve the performance of the sneakers but, this requires some waiting time depending on the level to pass:

  • 1h for level 1.
  • 15 h for level 15…

Arrived at a certain key level, the user will have to pass through the special events which  add atmosphere to the game.




First gem location


Access to reproduction


Release of the rental (not



Deuxième emplacement de gemme


Third gem slot


Fourth gem slot

Summary of events at each level.

How to reproduce your sneakers?

In StepN, the user can collect (and use) multiple pairs of sneakers. For this, it is enough to have two “parent” sneakers.

In practice, 1 reproduction is 2 sneakers at level 5. GST and GMT. 2 sneakers available in the player’s inventory for at least 48 hours. 2 new sneakers that have not been used for reproduction for 48 hours.

You should know that a user can reproduce up to 7 pairs, but the cost of reproduction increases as the number of reproduced.

For each reproduction, the user receives a “Shoebox” or even two for the lucky ones. Inside each box is a pair of sneakers or gem sockets identical to the parent ones.

Reproductions are marked by special events like:

  • Mint of an uncommon shoe.
  • Mint of the trainer.
  • 2 Shoeboxes (twins).

Use the instructions given on the and sites to get the best sneakers.

What do the “Mystery boxes” contain?

At the end of a walking or running session, the lucky user receives a “Mystery box”. This one contains in particular the famous gems which improve sneakers. But, to get a “Mystery box”, you must first register 4 energy points you spent during the session or via the “luck” attribute of the used sneakers. In the same way as with sneakers, mystery boxes reserve many surprises for the user depending on its rarity (1 gem for level 1, 4 to level 3, etc.).

How to use gems?

The gems are used to decorate sneakers from level 5. For this, the user has need to spend GST to open mystery box. Then just to insert the gem in the dedicated slot to improve the performance of the sneakers.

There are 4 gems available in StepN and they all have different characteristics:

  • Yellow adds the “efficiency”.
  • Blue adds “luck”.
  • Dark blue adds “Resilience”.
  • Red adds “Comfort “.


Can I run all day to maximize my gains in StepN?

The professional runners might mistakenly think that using StepN will make them immediately become a billionaires. But you have to understand that each run session is

limited in time by an interactive energy bar that causes the user to lose 0.2 energy points per minute. Once this bar is exhausted, the user

will have to wait a while before resuming the race. Energy recharges to 25% after 6 hours. This charging time is divided into several phases of 3 hours,

9 a.m., 3 p.m. and 9 p.m.

To increase your total energy, you just need to have more sneakers, knowing that a user cannot exceed a total of 20 energy points. The

rarity of the sneaker also allows you to obtain a larger energy point. Which are the following:

  • Uncommon: +1
  • Rare : +2
  • Epic : +3
  • Legendary: +4

StepN limit also the user’s earnings based on the quality of his sneakers and the level he reaches, with a maximum gain of 300 GST per day for the one who reaches level 30 in the game.

May 23, 2022

StepN: how to earn crypto currencies while running?

The concept “Move to earn” conveyed by StepN has been a sensation since its release in January 2022. The application, a masterpiece signed by Binance, set the […]