NFT Tchoupi

A collection of 2022 digital illustrations of the character of T’choupi are available on the French platform Kalart for the price of 250 and 1,000 euros. These non-fungible tokens (NFT) are created and sold by Thierry Courtin, the creator of the youth mascot who has rocked the childhood of an entire generation since 1992.

T'choupi's NFTs on Kalart

After the Looney Tunes characters, it’s up to little T’choupi to join the metaverse. The generation that grew up with T’choupi’s little animated videos is now in their thirties. But most of them certainly didn’t forget the pleasure they had watching the little episodes of their favourite character. For Stanislas Mako, CEO of Kalart, it’s about inviting this same generation to rediscover the little mascot they loved, to get evolved in a particularly innovative universe. T’choupi’s NFTs are also another very modern way of discovering this new technology.

“The generation that knew T’choupi when it was created is now over thirty years old. We are addressing to those who grew up with it, rather than to children […] We wanted the whole generation to make a new step: to discover this new technology. This is also could be a step for grandparents, for example, who may be interested in buying NFTs for their grandchildren, and get free from prejudice around the subject.”
Stanislas Mako, CEO of Kalart.


Vary the offer on the NFTs market

Adrien Courtin, the son of Thierry Courtin, the creator of the little T’choupi character, is the one to whom we owe the creation of the T’choupi NFTs. This was he, who evoked a simple desire to celebrate the birthday of his favourite little character in the most modern of all possible ways. It’s all about partying, and not about chasing to gain the profit. 

“My father already knew about NFTs […] I just had to submit to him the idea of celebrating the existence of T’choupi in a new way and he was on board [..] It’s a party above all. We want to offer a part of T’choupi to the fans and to offer them a bunch of  opportunities compared to the usual offer. If it is not profitable, it does not matter”.
Adrian Courtin


Buy T'choupi NFTs from 250 euros each

2022 NFTs from the original illustrations of Thierry Courtin, T’choupi’s designer, are available for purchase on the Kalart platform. These non-fungible tokens are sold from 250 euros each, with the possibility of receiving a physical reproduction of an original creation by the designer as a bonus.

Thierry Courtin also offers around thirty “premium” NFTs at 1,000 euros each. For any purchase of an NFT T’choupi Premium, the creator of the little character also offers a framed, signed and dedicated work.

“We wanted to make all transactions simple, in euros […] Behind that, there is a desire to teach web3 to older generations”.
Stanislas Mako, CEO of Kalart

In his official announcement, Thierry Courtin also states that if all the T’choupi NFTs are sold, the little character’s birthday party will be celebrated exclusively in the metaverse. For this occasion, all buyers of NFTs will have the opportunity to come and meet the avatar of T’choupi as well as that of Thierry Courtiin in the blockchain games The Sandbox or Decentraland.

July 8, 2022

Crypto: T’choupi celebrates 30 years in NFT

A collection of 2022 digital illustrations of the character of T’choupi are available on the French platform Kalart for the price of 250 and 1,000 euros. […]