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NFTs are of increasing interest to artists. After the pictorial arts, the world of music is also embarking on this exciting new adventure. It’s Muse, the famous British rock band that opens the ball by releasing their new album exclusively in NFT. Is this a simple marketing stunt or is the band really interested in the Metavers? Fans remain puzzled.

"Will of the People" will be released in NFT​

The new album of the group Muse, led by Matthew Bellamy, is called “Will of the People”. It contains 10 new tracks that don’t stray too far from the band’s passion. But to everyone’s surprise, the album was released exclusively is NFT. “Will of the People” immerses fans in a form of total dystopia. A very special atmosphere that they can find from the first clips of the album.

Through this great novelty, the group Muse also signs its return to the front of the stage after a few months of absence. This epic return will definitely stay in the history, because “Will of the People” will be sold exclusively in the form of NFT with only 1,000 copies.

The album, released on August 26, 2022, is already available on the Serenade site in Web 3, where it is already out of stock.


Muse, a very futuristic band​.

But for some fans, such the decision of the band Muse to release their new album in NFT was not surprising. The group is already known for its very futuristic leaning which can be read in all of its discography. Muse is a very futuristic group and it appears with this label without any complex. Driven by a great passion for science fiction, each title plunges fans directly into a world that is sometimes spatial, most of the time ultra-technological, and sometimes even post-apocalyptic. Muse is a group that we recognise in its words, its sounds and its music videos which promise a very unpleasant future, but which nevertheless amuse the fans. They’re one of the few rock bands we hoped to see in the metaverse one day.

Why be interested in music NFTs?​

NFTs have significant benefits for artists and their fans.

  • Fans can invest in the career of their favorite artist: launching their music on NFT allows them to mobilize their biggest fans. A music NFT is usually expensive. For fans, it’s about investing in a musical project close to their hearts. This is another way to gain visibility with other fans who will be practically attracted by the success of NFT music. In addition, you should know that the more the artist is known, the more his NFT music costs. This will allow fans to take full advantage of its NFTs. Thanks to this win-win partnership, the artists can easily find funding to launch their next project.
  • Fans can benefit from many exclusive advantages: to gain visibility and establish a certain notoriety among fans, musical artists offer many exclusive advantages to their fans who own NFTs. These are free VIP concert tickets, free access to certain albums, personalized autographs and other particularly interesting high-tech gadgets. For the fans, this is a rare opportunity that should be taken advantage of. Moreover, they can also resell its benefits in the secondary market and earn huge profits.
  • Artists can make more profit: in the absence of being able to live exclusively from the profits that come from streaming, musicians can make more profit thanks to non-fungible tokens. Selling your music in the form of an NFT means keeping all the money that comes from the sale without paying any commission to any intermediary.

Additionally, NFTs can be sold at a fixed price or at the auction. Putting fans in competition makes it possible to generate a larger profit than the sum obtained by a stream on Spotify. By configuring their NFTs, the artist can even collect royalties from each sale.

August 31, 2022

NFT: Muse releases its new album in NFT

NFTs are of increasing interest to artists. After the pictorial arts, the world of music is also embarking on this exciting new adventure. It’s Muse, the […]