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Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a new crypto currency game that allows players to collect and play NFT combat cards. This Play-to-Earn game stands out for its exciting gameplay and the multiple possibilities of earnings it offers to players, including the Stuking of the crypto native of the Ria game. Available in presale since September 19, this new star of the Gamefi sector attracts all the attention after having managed to raise $ 1 m in two weeks.

Calvaria: a unique strategy game of its kind

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a crypto currency game that takes place in the afterlife. The universe of this Play-to-Earn game is mainly made up of three cities, each of which is led by a different faction which argues the domination of the other. To play Calvaria, players use NFT combat cards that symbolize characters specific to each faction. Each character has his own capacities and statistics that dictate his performance in combat.

At first glance, Calvaria is a strategy game that has some similarities with other combat card games such as Gods Unchained or SPLinterlands. But once inside this universe, some differences are immediately felt. These days, it is one of the few strategy games to offer:

  • 3D characters
  • A mobile gameplay
  • A story mode for solo games.

Calvaria also offers a peer-to-peer market where players can buy and sell their NFT combat cards. This market plays an important role in Calvaria, because it allows players to personalize their decks and work a specific strategy. It also allows investors to exchange their NFT cards for money. That’s why the interest in playing and/or investing in this game is so high.

Calvaria also has its own decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Players and investors receive votes in the DAO in exchange for Ria tokens sting. This allows them to participate in the future development of the Calvaria ecosystem.

Calvaria also develops a free version (F2P) which should attract more players in the ecosystem. This version includes:

  • A visible tracker that shows the players how much they could have won by playing the P2E feedback from the game.
  • Playful educational quests to introduce all players to Blockchain technology, so as to promote the conversion of traditional players into the universe of blockchain.

Is Calvaria a good investment?

Calvaria is one of the most popular play-to-earn games in 2022. Several reasons explain the flow of investors who are interested in its presale which has just started.

Play to win awards

Calvaria is a play-to-earn game which allows you to obtain RIA rewards with each won battle. These rewards can be used to buy card upgrades or collecting NFTs. These NFTs can also gain value (Staking) or be conceded to provide investment return to players. In addition, Calvaria is a strategy-based game. Players do not necessarily need the strongest deck to win if they adopt a good attack strategy. Calvaria offers many opportunities to players to win battles and win awards without necessarily buying the most expensive NFT combat cards.

Collect nft

In this game, players are free to use their NFT combat cards according to their goal. They can even sell them on the game market at any time to make profits. As new players join Calvaria, new original characters will appear, hence the interest of collecting these NFT. The first registered players have a better chance of recovering the rarest NFT cards, the value of which can quickly increase over time.

Create a passive income

Buying the RIA token in presale allows investors to create a passive income with Calvaria. Investors can stake their tokens on the platform itself in order to win RIA rewards. Although the team that has developed the game has not yet announced the details concerning staking periods or the rates of awards, the project already plans to dedicate 25% of the total RIA offer to the awards of the Pool Staking.

Take advantage of a potential price appreciation

The RIA token offers reliable long -term investment potential. Several similar cryptocurrencies that have been proposed as a presale at discount rates saw their value explode after their initial exchange offer. Although nothing suggests that Ria will experience the same feat, the reverse is just as predictable. In the long term, the growing interest of investors for Calvaria will increase the demand for RIA tokens. In addition, players need this token to buy NFT combat cards and an increasing part of the offer will be blocked by Staking. RIA value can therefore increase considerably as players join the platform.

Invest in the long term

Investing in Calvaria allows players to receive voting rights in the DAO of the game. This means that in the long term, they will be able to participate in the development of future functionalities in the game ecosystem. Concretely, they could suggest new ways Monetize the game, increase the value of the RIA token or even increase the rewards allocated to sting.

How to buy a Ria token?

Configure a crypto wallet

To invest in Calvaria, you need a crypto portfolio that accepts ERC-20 tokens. The game developers recommend using Metamask because it is free and works on all iOS and Android devices, as well as all browsers, including Chrome.


The crypto currencies that allow you to buy the RIA token during Calvaria’s presale are Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT). These crypto parts are available from most major exchanges. Then just transfer them to your crypto wallet to use them in Calvaria. You can also use Changelly to buy RIA with a credit or debit card directly via the Calvaria presale site. Changelly allows conversion to Ethereum for a modest sum.

Connect to Calvaria’s presale

Go to the Calvaria pre-sale platform and click “Buy now”, then click “Connect the portfolio”. Follow the instructions to quickly connect your crypto wallet.

Buy Ria

Enter the amount of RIA tokens to buy and follow all the instructions until the final validation of the purchase. Note that the minimum investment required is 1,000 RIA and that each Ethereum transaction will be subject to small costs.

Claim your Ria token

Your RIA tokens will be given to you at the end of the presale. Reconnect to the Calvaria’s presale platform to transfer them to your crypto portfolio.


Important details to know about Calvaria's presale

Calvaria’s presale follows its course. The developers of the game are currently preparing to publish 30% of the total RIA offer, or 300 million tokens. The presale takes place in several stages, with a price that of the token which will gradually increase at each stage. Phase 1 of the Prévente began on September 19 and made it possible to collect more than $ 500,000 in a week. Phase 2 is currently in progress with a value of $ 0.015 for 1ria. During phase 3, this price will increase again to reach $ 0.02 for 1ria.

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