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December as ever pleases the crypto community with many interesting and large-scale events dedicated to FinTech, artificial intelligence, and Web 3.0 – blockchain technologies, metaverses, NFTs and other technological innovations.  Some significant events have already passed, among which it’s important to mention the Future of Crypto offline conference – an event dedicated to exploring the possibilities of the cryptocurrency market. Participants of the conference could learn about the latest trends in the field of venture investment in cryptocurrency projects, the importance of cryptocurrencies and NFTs in the entertainment industry, as well as how Bitcoin is paving the way for digital assets. Also yesterday, was held the Global Fintech Awards ceremony – a gala evening where were recognized the most innovative projects and leading players in the industry! About all theses any many other topic we will cover further in our blog, but for now let’s bring some light on the upcoming events of this December waiting to celebrate this year!

Top 5 most desired upcoming events

World Blockchain Summit

The World Blockchain Summit is a series of events around the world organized by Trescon. This time, representatives of blockchain startups, cryptocurrency projects and exchanges, government agencies, as well as investors and high-tech leaders will gather together to discuss the future of the industry at a summit in Bangkok.

Dates: December 9.

Venue: The Athenee Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.

Format: offline summit.

Crypto Nexus Miami

A one-day educational program for leaders of FinTech companies. Crypto Nexus Miami will cover the fundamentals of blockchain technology, the largest DeFi protocols and DAOs. Visitors will be able to navigate the Web3 industry, learn how to use tools for working with cryptocurrencies, and also master financial reporting and tax management.

Date: December 12th.

Venue: Miami, USA.

Format: offline workshops.

Web3 Galaxy Conference

Web3 Galaxy is a series of events around the world where members of the Web3 industry gather to collaborate and network. This time the event will take place in Dubai. A rich three-day program awaits the participants: more than 80 invited speakers will talk about the latest industry trends, leading Web3 projects will demonstrate their products and services in the exhibition area, and demo versions of new blockchain games, NFT collections and Metaverse projects will be shown in the gaming room.

Dates: December 15-16.

Venue: Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai, UAE.

Format: offline conference.


Techfest is Asia’s largest science and technology festival organized by the IIT Bombay student community. This annual event will feature lectures, panel discussions, exhibitions, workshops, and the Robowars tournament!

Dates: December 16-18.

Venue: IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India.

Format: offline conference and exhibition.

Blockchain Expo World 2022

This event will bring together over 400,000 participants from all over the world under one roof to showcase innovative Web3 development and Metaverse technologies, as well as discuss the challenges facing the blockchain industry today. Blockchain Expo World 2022 will be an excellent platform for startups, as it will be possible to find your target audience and potential customers there.

Dates: December 22-25.

Venue: Istanbul Expo Center, Istanbul, Turkey.

Format: offline exhibition and conference.

This year is coming to an end, but there are still many events of the coming year ahead, follow us on our Telegram channel and remember that we are here for you to offer our innovative software technology – Alsa Bot Trading Robot, that guarantees stable profit with no risk of losing your capital. On this we wish you have great weekends and will be glad to guide you through the most exciting news of the crypto world of the next week!

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