Cryptocurrencies nowadays are recognised as the currencies of the future. The use of crypto assets as currencies of exchange is no longer limited to the single use of online sales platforms. The physical shops are also already ready to join this momentum. Like Beaugrenelle, the first Parisian shopping center which has just accepted payments in crypto currencies in its stores. A concept that was launched on June 8, 2022 in the shopping center located in Paris.

A gift card with crypto assets?

Since June 8, 2022, the Beaugrenelle shopping center in Paris has launched a new concept with its customers. To pay for purchases in Bitcoin (BTC), Ehtereum (ETC) or 19 other available cryptocurrencies, customers will need to purchase a gift card with their digital assets. The concept was born in a partnership between the Beaugrenelle group and the French startup Lyzi, which specializes in the creation of applications dedicated to payments is crypto currencies. Although it is still a fairly discreet first step in the world of crypto. So this was the first step made to awake in France a desire to adopt this new trend, that is still not so widely accepted by the majority.

“The center will thus offer its customers the opportunity to use their crypto currencies to pay for their gift card, which can be used in all the shops and restaurants of the Magnetic and Panoramic buildings on rue Linois in the 15th arrondissement of the capital”.
Damien Patureaux, CEO of Lyzi.

One month of free support for Beaugrenelle customers

In its project to help the democratization of crypto currencies, the startup offers to support Beaugrenelle customers in the use of the application during the first month of launch. A complete presentation of the application will be held in the Beaugrenelle shopping center in Paris from June 8 to July 8 (for one month) to familiarize users with its use. At the same time, Lyzi also announces a collaboration with Zebitex, in the realization of this project. Because you should know that for the moment, the company has not yet obtained its PSAN certificate. That is to say, it has not yet been registered as a digital asset provider with the AMF (financial market authority). In any case, the CEO of Lyzi remains confident about the future of cryptocurrencies in the financial market.

“We are convinced that the blockchain must be an essential component of the financial and retail ecosystem. We already have 1,500 connected points of sale in pre-marketing”.
Damien Patureaux, CEO of Lyzi.

In practice, when a customer wishes to pay for purchases in crypto currencies in Beaugrenelle stores, all he has to do is to indicate the value in euros on the Lyzi application. This then displays the equivalence of the amount in crypto currencies and generates a QR code. To validate the transaction and receive a payment in euros, the merchant will just have to scan the QR code.

What to see and do in Beaugrenelle?

Beaugrenelle is a large shopping center located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. Covering a total area of 45,000 m², it has around 110 stores open 7 days a week. It is the favorite place for Parisians and other foreign visitors to shop. The shopping center mainly presents ready-to-wear shops, but also restaurants and leisure areas. Its gardened roof also gives it a natural aspect particularly appreciated by visitors. It is one of the few places in Paris that offers 7000 m² of green space in the heart of the city. Similarly, the three islets of Beaugrenelle also provide access to exceptional landscapes, highlighting diversified themes.

Une journée à Beaugrenelle permet de découvrir trois pôles différents :

  • Le pôle Magnetic qui réunit les enseignes de mode, maison et culture.
  • Le pôle Panoramic qui rassemble les professionnels de la restauration et des loisirs.
  • Le pôle Express qui compte les commerces de proximité.

Les galeries Lafayette occupent aussi un espace de 6000 m² à Beaugrenelle, avec des enseignes réparties sur quatre étages dont Zadig & Voltaire, Darty, Cojean et DS Café, La Grande Récré et Maje.

Les horaires d’ouverture du centre commercial Beaugrenelle sont les suivants :

  • Lundi au samedi : 10 h  – 20 h 30
  • Dimanche : 11 h – 19 h
June 10, 2022

Beaugrenelle accepts payments in crypto currencies in its stores

Cryptocurrencies nowadays are recognised as the currencies of the future. The use of crypto assets as currencies of exchange is no longer limited to the single […]