Airdrop Coca Cola

To celebrate its first anniversary in the Metaverse, Coca-Cola decides to offer an Airdrop to all members of its community, especially those who hold NFTs of the brand.

An Airdrop offer to celebrate Friendship Day​

On July 30, celebrate Friendship Day with the Coca-Cola Company and treat yourself with a free Airdrop. This very special offer from the world’s most famous beverage brand rekindles the flame between fans and its creator. For this occasion and also to celebrate its first year of existence in the Metaverse, Coca-Cola will send an Airdrop to the crypto wallet of all holders of one of the brand’s NFT s. Namely the initial Loot Box, the drop during Hamburger Day 2022 or the Pride Day 2022 drop.


Moments to share and NFTs together with Coca-Cola

Since 1886, Coca-Cola continues to convey an image of sharing and strong friendship in the world. This drink, appreciated by all and at all times, especially during the Nativity and New Year celebrations, needs no introduction. Integrating the Metaverse, for such a famous brand, is natural. Coca-Cola also wants to create a world of friendship and sharing in the virtual world to keep its fans closer and more united.

The Coca-Cola NFTs, designed in collaboration with Tafi, the world’s best-known personalized 3D content creator and Virtue, a Vice agency, have the main objective of encouraging sharing between members of the community. Any Coca-Cola NFT holder who decides to pool their NFT with that of a friend, will cause a big reveal. This is, according to Coca-Cola, the magic of friendship.

“Bringing people together, sharing moments together has always been at the heart of Coca-Cola.”

Pratik Thakar, head of global creative strategy at Coca-Cola.


Buying Coca-Cola NFTs also allows fans of the brand to access certain future projects of the company, including, among others, Cokes Studio or Coca-Cola Creations.

“Rassembler les gens, partager des moments ensemble, tout cela a toujours été au cœur de Coca-Cola”.
Pratik Thakar, responsable de la stratégie créative mondiale de Coca-Cola.

Acheter des NFT Coca-Cola permet aussi aux adeptes de la marque d’accéder à certains futrus projets de l’entreprise, dont entre autres, Cokes Studio ou encore Coca-Cola Creations.

Why integrate the Metaverse?​

The Metaverse is perceived by many as a derisory universe where uncertainty takes the place of debate at all times. Even though big brands like Coca-Cola want to be a part of it while others (like Tesla) decide to leave the boat, several companies are asking themselves the existential question of the importance of integrating the Metaverse.

For the Coca-Cola brand, the facts are there. With more than 4,000 digital items available to fans and numerous events organized around the Metaverse and NFTs, including one organized directly in Decentraland’s Metaverse, digital defines the future in its best perception. With a successful first year (July 2021 – July 2022), Coca-Cola intends to continue to evolve in this universe with its fans.

“Participating in the Metaverse was the first step in bringing people together in a unique and original way. International Friendship Day solidifies our commitment to the exciting and ever-changing digital world to build our community.”

Pratik Thakar, head of global creative strategy at Coca-Cola.

These brands run their business in the Metaverse​

Alongside Coca-Cola, other famous brands are also developing their business in the Metaverse.

  • Balenciaga with his sneakers in Fortnite.
  • Nike with the acquisition of RTFKT, the manufacturer of virtual sneakers.
  • Ferrari by launching the replica of its 296 GTB model with Fortnite.
  • Chiptole, the fast-food chain with the opening of its virtual and ephemeral restaurant on Robbox.
  • Louis Vuitton with the game “Louis the Game” in which you have to find hidden NFTs.
  • Burberry with its many games, including B Surf.
  • Facebook by creating its own metaverse.
July 29, 2022

An Airdrop offer to NFT Coca Cola holders

To celebrate its first anniversary in the Metaverse, Coca-Cola decides to offer an Airdrop to all members of its community, especially those who hold NFTs of […]