Sleepagotchi: activate “sleeping” mode and earn NFTs

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September 21, 2022
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Companies compete in imagination to integrate NFTs into the daily lives of ordinary mortals. With Sleepagotchi, the recent most innovative app in the industry, it is now possible to earn NFTs by following a certain “sleep” routine each night.

What is Sleepagotchi ?

Sleepagotchi is an application created by two students from Harvard Business School, in Boston, USA: Anton Kraminkin and Alex Karatkou. It is an application that allows users to to earn rewards in the form of NFTs and cryptographic tokens, by maintaining a consistent sleep schedule. Basically, this game system was created to help users to create a real sleep routine that will benefit their health in the long term. Available only on iPhone, Sleepagotchi can be combined with all other Apple Health applications, including iPhone-compatible trackers such as Fitbit, Apple Watch, Oura ring, etc. Sleepagotchi can also work on an offline device. In this case, simply activate the “Sleep” mode of your iPhone to obtain rewards which will, however, be slightly lower.


How does it work?

In terms of game, each morning, the Sleepagotchi user will receive, each time he wakes up, an NFT as a reward for his “quality” sleep. To activate the application, you must follow a few important steps:

Register on the platform and set up your expected bedtime and wake-up time. The points will be calculated on the basis of the objective to be achieved. That is to say, the closer the user is to his goal, the more points he will earn. NFT rewards will also be awarded based on total rest time and sleep regularity.

These days, already more than 2 million hours of sleep have been logged through Sleepagotchi and more than 30,000 people are still on the waiting list for the Alpha version.


What are the benefits of collecting NFTs via Sleepagotchi?

Sleepagotchi works the same way as an ersatz. Upon registration, each new member is invited to create their own room in the application. More precisely, it is a question of creating a virtual room with virtual furniture (bed, carpet, wallpaper and others). The creators of Sleepagotchi speak of a Metaroom where each object is considered an NFT. The tokens accumulated via the application will therefore be used to buy furniture to decorate your room. They can also be used as currencies to exchange goods with other members. However, you should know that each object has its own characteristics and level of power. It is necessary to obtain the rarest and most powerful NFTs to reach the grail and thus recover more SHEEP tokens, essential to climb in the ranking of the game.