What are the best trading platforms in 2022?

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March 23, 2022
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A trading platform is an essential tool for making an investment in the financial market (Forex, Stock Exchange or crypto). Some brokers are more comprehensive and allow in-depth analysis of all stocks. Others offer lower transaction fees, and still others offer greater leverage. To help you choose the platform that suits your needs, here is our selection of the best trading platforms 2022.

What are the best platforms to start trading?

The current financial market has two main types of beginner trader.   

the careful beginner

He is investing in the stock market for the first time and has little or no knowledge of the financial market. He is driven by a certain curiosity, but does not know how to proceed and which platform to use to start. However, he wants to start slowly by limiting the risks.

the beginner with a certain taste for risk

He has already become familiar with trading platforms, but is still hesitant to invest a specific amount of money in the financial market. He has become aware of the risk represented by the stock market, but does not have all the knowledge necessary to trade in complete safety.

Both of these types of beginners need an easy-to-use trading platform that allows them to navigate the financial market at their own pace. These are a few of them:

  •       eToro

Ideal for beginner traders, eToro is a regulated and reliable online broker. It’s an intuitive and easy-to-use trading platform. It retains 0% commission on CFD stock trading. It is also one of the few brokers that has a social trading feature. It offers several methods of payment including PayPal.

  •       Capital

Capital is a trading platform that appeals for its user-friendliness and its ease of use. This broker offers powerful trading tools able to satisfy all the requirements of the beginner trader. It is also popular for the low commissions it charges on transactions and the symbolic deposit amount (€20) required to start trading.

  •       XTB

XTB is one of the world’s best trading platforms. This broker is available in several countries such as France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Canada and Switzerland. It is a powerful and easy to use trading platform. It retains 0% commission on shares. It is also appreciated for the responsiveness of its customer service and the numerous training courses offered to beginners.


Which platform for day-trading?

Faire du day trading, c’est investir sur des positions à très court terme. Généralement, il s’agit d’acheter et de vendre des actions le même jour avant la clôture du marché. Certains brokers sont plus favorables au day trading que d’autres.

·         eToro

Une plateforme de trading propriétaire qui propose un effet de levier maximum de 01.30 pour un dépôt minimum de 50 $.

·         Admiral Markets

Un metatrader 5 qui propose un effet de levier maximum de 01.25 pour un dépôt minimum de 200 €.

·         XTB

Un xStation 5 qui propose un effet de levier de 01.30 pour un dépôt minimum de 250 €.


What is the best platform to buy crypto?

To buy and trade cryptocurrency safely, it is highly recommended to use a dedicated platform, called an “exchange”. The best exchanges available in the financial market today are:

  •       eToro

It is an easy-to-use, secure, and reliable platform. It offers a wide choice of assets and allows beginners to benefit from personalized support on the cryptocurrency market (fee at €6.25). However, you should know that this exchange does not allow French users to open positions to buy real crypto assets. All orders are opened only as CFDs.

  •       Coinhouse

Coinhouse is particularly suitable for traders who wish to invest in cryptocurrency for the long term. Although it is particularly expensive (fees at €17.45), it avoids the obligation to declare your account abroad. Which is not the case with all other platforms.

  •       Bitpanda

This platform is an excellent alternative to invest in stocks, to receive dividends, or to trade ETFs. It offers a fair commission fee of €6.25.