Why crypto is still considered to be safe investment in 2022?

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March 18, 2022
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March 25, 2022

At the heart of all speculation in recent years, crypto currencies are inevitably present in our daily lives. Individuals, businesses and other big brands are now interested in cryptocurrency. Banned in some countries and legalized in others, this virtual currency is even at the heart of a war between two Eurasian countries (Ukraine/Russia). Between the restrictive measures applied in the countries most at risk, and the adoption of cryptocurrency by many financial institutions, investors are reluctant to invest their money in this industry, which is nevertheless very promising.

Which countries prohibit or legalize cryptocurrency?

The main countries that prohibit the circulation and use of Bitcoin on their territory are: Afghanistan, Vietnam, Pakistan, Vanuatu, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Bolivia, Republic of Macedonia, Bolivia and Bangladesh.

In other countries of the world, cryptocurrency is however taxed without being legalized. This is the case in China, India, Qatar, Ecuador, American Samoa, Indonesia, Egypt, Morocco, Nepal and Zambia.

The only countries where Bitcoin is legal are Japan, Hong Kong, Gibraltar, Belarus, Malta, Georgia, Ukraine, Singapore, Switzerland, Slovenia, Netherlands, Bermuda, Lithuania , Germany, Estonia and the United Kingdom.

In the United States, the government is seriously considering the implementation of stricter regulation of cryptocurrency. US lawmakers are working to create guidelines and laws that would allow for more secure investing. These measures can take different forms such as the taxes already applied in other countries.


Does the crypto ETF have a future on the stock market?

Cryptocurrency has boomed over the past two years. After accumulating records at the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021, Bitcoin has become the new trend in financial investments. This performance, fueled by an incredible evolution of technology and finance, is unanimously convincing. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile stocks. They create many uncertainties that the financial market itself is not in a position to control. Nevertheless, the ever-increasing number of new crypto currencies is putting a strain on the competition. After an entry, although timid, of the first Bitcoin ETF on the New York Stock Exchange, in October 2021, speculators are following the evolution of crypto currencies very closely. Moreover, access to these virtual currencies is now facilitated by the existence of specialized brokers. This simplifies the process even more.

ETF Bitcoin

Could crypto become a universal payment currency?

Blockchain is now of interest to all companies, whatever their size and the sector in which they specialize. Interest in this brand new form of storing and exchanging value on the internet is driving the rapid growth of the crypto industry. Several multinationals are already adopting cryptocurrency as a trading currency on their platforms.

These are Paypal, Lionsgate Films, Square, Coingate, Microsoft, Expedia, Dish, Shopify, or even Tesla, which already has several billion dollars in cryptographic assets. This year, Amazon also says it wants to join the “team”. A decision that could greatly revolutionize the world of cryptocurrency.

Should you invest in cryptocurrency in 2022?

The current financial environment remains favorable for investing in cryptocurrency. Internet users are gradually getting used to this brand new method of online payment. With the development of the metaverse and the possibility of extending its investment horizon beyond physical goods, all the conditions are met to propel cryptocurrency to the top. However, the volatility of this asset must also be taken into account. Hence the importance of training in crypto before creating an investment portfolio.

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