NFT Tweet Tiles: The new feature that allows the purchase/sale of NFT on Twitter

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The little blue bird continues its adventure in the web 3. From now on, Twitter will authorize its users to view, buy and sell digital works of art (NFT) directly on its platform.

Enrich the user experience on Twitter with NFT

Last Thursday, October 27, Twitter announced that soon famouse social media platform will allow users to display, buy and sell NFT directly via tweets. This new feature was notably developed in partnership with four main marketplaces.

Called NFT Tweet Tiles, the new feature that has been added to Twitter will soon display the illustration of an NFT in a dedicated panel within a tweet. There is also soon appear a button that will allow users to directly access an NFT market list with one click to see, buy/sell NFT.


Who are Twitter's NFT partners?

For the moment, the new “NFT Tweet Tiles” feature is in the test phase. It only works with the NFT markets of the four partners:

  • Solana Magic Eden
  • Rarrible, the NFT Multiplateforme market
  • Flow Dapper Labs, the creator of Blockchain
  •, the platform focused on sport

These four markets cover several networks of block channels, including Ethereum, Solana, Flow, Polygon, Tezos and Immutable X. According to an official Twitter representative, NFT Tweet Tiles will be an independent functionality of the blockchain. It will take care of all networks as long as the links connected to the partner market.

Not so long time ago, Twitter already authorized the NFT in profile photos via its Twitter Blue subscription service. But the network then only supported the Ethereum NFT. From now on, with this new feature, users of the Twitter platform will be able to enrich their experience on the NFT and the Web 3.

How to define my NFT as a Twitter profile photo?

Showing an image of NFT on your Twitter profile photo is a way to show others that you have NFT. To add your NFT to your Twitter profile, you must have a temporary connection to your crypto wallet. Once this connection request has been confirmed, your NFT is displayed in a special hexagonal form that identifies you as the owner of this NFT. On the other hand, this feature only supports NFT static images (formatted in JPEG, PNG), struck on the Ethereum blockchain.

This feature is only available for Twitter Blue on iPhone users and the user journey is very simple:

  1. Connect to Twitter on iOS.
  2. Access your profile.
  3. Click on “Modify the profile”, then click the profile image icon and select “Choose NFT”.
  4. Select your crypto wallet from the supported portfolio list.

Twitter will generate an audit request message to your portfolio. You must then confirm that you hold the private keys to your crypto portfolio by signing a transaction. To do this, you can use your crypto portfolio application or scan the QR code that appears on the screen.
Once the connection is established with your wallet, select an NFT supported in your wallet. Click on “Finished”, then on “Save” to confirm your choice.
Your profile photo is now displayed in a special hexagonal form that identifies you as a owner of this NFT on Twitter.
To display your NFT details, click on your profile photo, then on “Show NFT details”. You will then display several information such as the creator, the owner, the collection or the properties of the NFT used.