NFT: Netflix launches its first collection of tokens dedicated to Stranger Things

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July 13, 2022
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Netflix decides to join the coveted universe of Web3 where it plans to launch its very first collection of NFTs dedicated to Stranger Things. A project developed in collaboration with the digital collection company Candy Entertainment.

"The Upside Down Series" NFTs dedicated to Stranger Things

In collaboration with the company specializing in digital collections Candy Entertainment, Netflix announces the official release of its first collection of NFTs dedicated to its famous series, Stranger Things. A news that comes to upset the followers of NFTs at a time when the value of these tokens continues to decline. Like the first tweet in history which was sold for a little over 2.9 million dollars to end its race today around 29 euros.

In total, Netflix’s first collection includes 11,111 posters representing the various characters from the series:

Will: 613
Jonathan: 613
Argyle: 613
Murray: 613
Erica: 613
Robin: 613
Mike: 748
Hopper: 748
Joyce: 748
Dustin: 748
Max: 748
Lucas: 748
Steve: 748

Limited-edition NFTs sold for $11 each

In an official blog post, Candy Entertainment clarifies that Netflix’s first collection of NFTs includes:

17 limited-edition posters of the main characters from Stranger Things, sold in mystery boxes starting at $11 each.
99 Hellfire Club packs at $275 each, in reference to the D&D club of Eddie, Mike, Lucas and Dustin, mentioned in season 4 of the series.
Sales have been running since July 14 at 8 p.m. and will end on July 20 at 5 p.m., subject to stock availability. Note that the number of posters available depends mainly on the popularity of the characters in the series. Also, to hope to obtain an NFT of the main character of Stranger Things, played by Millie Bobby Brown, you will have to act quickly, because Netflix and Candy Entertainment only offer 223 tokens.


What are the benefits of collecting NFTs?

NFTs have significant advantages for collectors, such as:

  • They give ownership of digital assets to artists.
  • An NFT is authentic and priceless, which makes it particularly profitable for sale/resale.
  • NFTs are unique and rare items that lend additional legitimacy to collectibles, especially those that take the form of digital assets.
  • NFTs are immutable, unmodifiable, irreplaceable and indelible.
  • NFTs can contain smart contracts that allow artists to obtain profits in the event of sale/resale.