NFT and digital art: 125 miniature Moon Phases tokens on the moon soon

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June 17, 2022
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June 24, 2022

Jeff Koons, one of the most expensive living artists in the world, participates in the great contemporary art fair at Art Basel. In the Pace gallery, the American artist unveils the very first piece of a series of sculptures he plans to send to the moon with Elon Musk’s space exploration company, SpaceX. Best known previously for his balloon dog and tulips, Jeff Koons is set to become the first celebrity artist to launch non-fungible tokens on the moon.

125 "Moon Phases" tokens soon on the moon

The first piece of non-fungible token collections created by American artist Jeff Koons depicts miniature versions of his “Moon Phases” sculptures. Specifucaly, these are 125 pieces delivered with an individual photograph of their location on the moon. These photographs will be offered for sale in the form of NFT (non-fungible token) to amateurs. The artist also plans to give a life-size sculpture to each buyer. Each sculpture, a 39.4 cm moon-shaped statue, will be set with a gemstone indicating its location on the moon.


Grand premier in Basel

Surprised and honored to present the first NFT collection of American artist Jeff Koons on his stand in Basel, the director of the Pace gallery says that he also believes in the very promising future of NFTs, like Marc Spiegler, director of Art Basel.

“We are also discovering it for the first time”.
Marc Glimcher, director of the Pace gallery

“Even though their prices have crashed recently, I think NFTs are going to have its special place on our fast changing market.”
Marc Spiegler, director of Art Basel

Note that the Pace gallery is one of the few galleries at the fair to have agreed to exhibit NFT tokens. An initiative that had very little success with exhibitors in 2021 where only 6% of galleries agreed to sell non-fungible tokens. However, this previous edition was marked by the sale of an NFT by the American artist Beeple at 69.3 million dollars at the auction house Christie’s. With the historic fall in the value of current NFTs, sales are becoming increasingly rare at the Art Basel fair. Nevertheless, some galleries remain confident like Pace.

A spider sold for 40 million dollars in Bale?

Behind the scenes at Art Basel, physical works of art also continue to interest collectors. The Franco-American sculptor Louise Bourgeois pocketed the tidy sum of 40 million dollars for her spider. Conceptual artist Félix Gonzalez-Torres has sold one of his works for 12.5 million. The oil on canvas by German artist Georg Baselitz also sold 5.5 million.

On the other hand, the fair held from June 16 to 19, focuses on NFTs. For this edition, the organizers have collaborated with Tezos, the blockchain platform which specializes in the presentation of digital works created by well-known artists who are particularly interested in the new form of digital art that is NFT. The fair also allowed several young platforms to immerse amateurs in the discovery of digital art through virtual reality glasses. This is particularly the case of the Vive Arts platform which presented an avatar of the German artist Albert Oehlen in a 3D universe.