Klapcoin: what do you know about the crypto dedicated to the development of French cinema?

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April 27, 2022
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French movie theater has invites itself into the world of crypto currencies by creating its own currency. Klapcoin is the latest creation, born from the boundless imagination of the DCF (Diversity of French cinema). It supports the development of French films through the establishment of a financing fund. And in this article we are glad to tell you all you have to know about this new virtual currency.

Has Klapcoin came to increase the profitability of French films?

According to the announcement made by Sarah Lelouch, actress, producer and founder of the new crypto Klapcoin, this project was born from the general observation of the terrible lack of money in French cinema. At the microphone of Europe 1, she confides that cryptocurrency is a particularly profitable and attractive sector for investors. It is a relatively reliable tool to attract real cash investments for the benefit of French cinema. The idea is to find enough money to finance about 50 works including feature films, documentaries and series.

“We wanted to find a new funding model. So we asked ourselves may be if such model does not  exist we can create it […] By investing in Klapcoin, we are investing in the profitability of the films”.

Applications for funding will be studied by an expert committee made up of ten permanent members: Kev Adams, Elsa Zylberstein, Valérie Perrin, Fianso and Fred Musa. A committee sponsored by Claude Lelouch and chaired by Julie Gayet.


Is Klapcoin project is “open to the general public”?

Sarah Lelouch specifies that this project does not only concern the creators of French cinematography. It also appeals to all amateurs and individuals who wish to participate in the development of French cinema. Investing in Klapcoin also means obtaining associated rights. This can mean the access to previews, backstage days with French celebrities, etc. The idea is precisely to get closer to the public. According to the explanations given by Sarah Lelouch, it is above all a question of creating a community and get closer to the public in order to integrate people into the development of French cinema. The DCF website remains open to all who wish to obtain further information on this project.

“If you put one euro, you have ten Klapcoin […] The ambition of this project to get closer to the public, to ask their opinion and to create a real community that will be able to get involved in the development of films French “.


Klapcoin: an eco-responsible crypto?

Developed exclusively on the third-generation of Tezos blockchain, Klapcoin boasts of being one of the rarest crypto currency to possess exceptional environmental assets. Compared to Bitcoin and older generation blockchains, including the energy and ecological cost is monstrously expensive, thus the virtual currency of the DCF calls itself “green” and “virtuous”. Fabien Berger, from the DCF company, specifies that the foundation mainly works with first-class partners such as the Nomadic Labs laboratory or even Exaion, the cloud and web 3 specialists who work closely with EDF.