Decentralized replacement of Twitter

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March 8, 2023
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Decentralized version of the social network

The American company Meta is working on a decentralized version of the social network, codenamed P92, the media found out.

The Meta company (recognized as extremist by the Russian authorities and banned in the country) is working on a decentralized analogue of social networks. Moneycontrol writes about this with reference to a company representative.

There are few details of the project, codenamed P92. So far, all that is known is that the new project will focus on text data transfer and will not support multimedia files like videos and photos. It is also claimed that the development will receive support for the ActivityHub protocol, which underlies the distributed analogue of Twitter called Mastodon.

A spokesperson for Meta said in a media comment that the company sees potential in this direction for both content creators and celebrities. It is reported that users will be able to log into P92 through existing accounts from the Meta portfolio. At the same time, it is not clear whether Meta has actually begun working on a new project or if it is in a state of concept, the newspaper notes.

Everyone wants to divide Twitter into parts

Note that the founder of Twitter, Jax Dorsey, also presented his own version of a decentralized social network earlier . The project called Damus is available for download in the App Store. The development operates on the basis of Nostr, a decentralized network that provides end-to-end encrypted exchange of private messages. Damus is expected to become a social media platform with uncensored content. The app will also offer built-in bitcoin payments via the Lightning Network.

Twitter is also trying to keep up with the Web3 trend. Earlier, the social network launched a new cryptocurrency feature that allows users to search for up-to-date information on token prices. The update allows you to find price charts for both bitcoin ( BTC ) and ether ( ETH ) by entering the name of the coin or ticker in the search tab. Thanks to this, traders will be able to receive timely data on the cryptocurrency market among all other financial assets on the social network. Don’t forget to join us on our Telegram channel to keep up with the latest news and thank you for trusting us in guiding you through the most exciting events of the crypto world!