NFT: the rise of digital art

Non-fungible tokens were rapidly gaining popularity in 2022, as the field is realy limitless here, they can be anything – works of art, unique avatars, or even a piece of land in the metaverse. But the NFT infrastructure — marketplaces, tools for creators, business models for the community along with the data management systems — are still developing and yet only in the beginning of all its potential perspectives. Messari analysts expect NFT infrastructure to become one of the most targeting areas in terms of investment. For the metaverse, NFTs will become one of the main “building blocks”: there we will need unique digital objects with real value, so we will certainly be ready to pay authors for unique digital goods. For example, this is necessary so that all avatars in the digital world didn’t resemble – then it will be easier to avoid identity theft etc. So far, NFTs make up only 1% of the physical art market. This phenomenon can be compared to Bitcoin and if we continue to develop this analogy, the rise of NFT over the next 10 years is expected to be even higher than before. All experts in cryptoworld are confident that the outcome will be simply amazing, as the potential of NFTs is almost unlimited. 

Web3 – approaching reality

The second unconditional breakthrough will be Web3 – a new reality that almost no one can avoid in 2023. After all, according to the concept of Web3 – the ability to earn and build a business should move from large corporations to ordinary people. And for this, the crypto-ecosystem already has all the necessary components. More and more talented and ambitious young developers are creating new solutions in cryptocurrencies. The volume of venture capital and investments in crypto start-ups is rapidly increasing. More and more people see traditional banks and stock exchanges as exploitative and therefore seek to invest in technologies that bankrupt or even destroy them. One of the popular tools is DeFi or decentralized financial systems. These are analogues of traditional financial instruments — securities, futures, options — implemented in a decentralized network with equal participants. The main goal of DeFi is to become an alternative to the existing banking sector: DeFi offers depositors 5% versus 0.5% on Wall Street. The economy of users is becoming more attractive than the usual economy of institutions, so analysts of the cryptosphere unanimously claim that the future is definitely in the cryptocurrency, that in 2023 will become even more popular despite recent market shocks.

Sectors of crypto industry 

If earlier the cryptocurrency industry was strongly associated with bitcoin, now users and investors understand that there are way more different areas in it. Currencies, DeFi applications, distributed computing platforms, NFTs – each of these sectors has its own specialists. Here, private funds will have a permanent advantage over their generalist competitors. But the entry threshold for crypto investment remains high. The main obstacles are the complexity of technical training, risk management and compliance with legal requirements. So And if you are looking for the most secure way of gaining in trading – we are here for you to offer our Trading Robot, that guarantees stable profit with no risk of losing your capital.  On this we wish  a great start of the week! Follow us on our Telegram channel and let us be your guide into the most exciting news of a trading world!

December 5, 2022

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NFT: the rise of digital art Non-fungible tokens were rapidly gaining popularity in 2022, as the field is realy limitless here, they can be anything – […]
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