Gilles Direct Trading Scam

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November 24, 2020
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January 12, 2021

Our team want to share the experience of a scam trading channel in order to help you to avoid the fraud on your way.

“For a long time, I have been passionate about trading, I browse youtube videos to find the profitable strategy, and it was thanks to a friend that I came across the YouTube channel Gilles Trading Direct, which offers a simple and unstoppable strategy to be a winner.

After seeing the first videos, I was surprised that this strategy was available for free, that Gilles and his coaches offered a Discord channel to teach and coach people for free throughout the day. Gilles’ basic philosophy was to help everyone earn money easily and for free, and I found that really suspicious.

Curious by nature, I filled out the membership form, went to the Discord and learned the different exercises of this method.

Gilles and his team were present all day (at least at the start, and a little less afterwards) to accompany the “newcomers” on the various subjects.

I started to have doubts, when I noticed that the coaches were trading in demo and not in real-life.

Without going into the details of the strategy based on the MACD indicator, what shocked me the most was the dictatorial way of coaching, the way Gilles and his coaches speak. Just watch the videos on YouTube to see it, they don’t hesitate to insult the students, belittle them or talk in inappropriate way.

And the worst, I very quickly realized that this strategy didn’t even work, that in the long term, it was losing, and that it required being present 12 hours a day in front of the charts. Gilles who made reports each week on the points won by the participants, purposely skipped the losing weeks, on top of it he showed only progress of just 30 students, while there are more of 230 people on Discord.

More and more new “clients” arrived on the Discord, less and less the “old” ones were wanting to stay. The attitude of Gilles and his coaches also began to seriously displease me.

Gilles is a man with an oversized ego, who can’t stand being contradicted, who can’t stand having his method questioned and who doesn’t hesitate to silence his critics by kicking them out of Discord or deleting their negative comments on YouTube or Facebook.

And what had to happen, happened, after doing a survey on the Discord group, Gilles decided to charge access to his group 100€/month for a technique that does not work, that’s a SHAME.

He insulted a student in front of everyone when he had offered 10€/month for group access.

Several students started to rebel and seek to know more about him. They discovered that Gilles had lied about many things, that he was in fact an insurance or real estate broker, to explain himself, he says he has more than 25 companies while under his real name there are only ‘a on the official sites, in short, it was a scam.

So my tip is to run away in such situations!

The only real advice, if you want to progress in trading, train with competent and certified professionals.”