AlsaBot FTMO

AlsaBot FTMO

What if there was automatic robot software…

…able to make you win your trades by doing the job for you

…even if you know nothing about trading

…without you needing to invest your capital

…and who earns you between €900 and €15,000 per month?

Trade risk-free with AlsaBot on the FTMO platform

No matter your level, whether you have never traded or are already a trader, take advantage of Alsa Bot FTMO, the trading robot designed to automate operations and make you earn money effortlessly.

Synchronize AlsaBot on FTMO, the platform that gives you capital, covers your losses, pays you up to 90% of the gains and scales your income!

Why not give this profitable and secure investment a try?

0% risk. 100% guaranteed earnings.

Why you should choose AlsaBot FTMO?

To generate income without learning how to trade

Not to put your capital at stake

To increase your income with FTMO funds

To scale your earnings with FTMO funds

To join the community on Discord, WhatsApp, Skype and Telegram

To enjoy your life and financial freedom


Risk-free trading with AlsaBot on the FTMO platform

It is a trading platform that gives you capital to invest, covers your possible losses and allows you to recover up to 90% of your profit. Before you allocate the funds, it passes a small challenge. 3 months and 2 steps to achieve goals with regard of minimum gains, maximum losses and number of trading days. And that’s AlsaBot who takes care of it.

By buying a license for 155€ on FTMO, you benefit from our exclusive offer: AlsaBot, our automatic robot, at the price of 997€. With an installation guide or direct configuration on your computer from our teams. The robot will fulfill FTMO’s trading objectives on its own and make your initial investment profitable. You just have to let him do it to be in the ROI.

To everyone, whether you are a trader or not, thanks to our robot that automates operations, you do not need any trading knowledge to generate passive income. It is therefore a simple and secure strategy to increase your income without working more.

FTMO in figures

Different FTMO licenses



Only 10 AlsaBot FTMO licenses available

997€ AU LIEU DE 1997€



Your Success is Guaranteed

The FTMO license is available at 150€ or 1500€ (depending on the desired FTMO capital). As for the robot, it is at the exclusive price of 997 € instead of 1997 € for only 20 licenses available for sale. Thus, your total investment pays off after passing the 3 steps of the platform. Then, either you explode your ROI, or we refund the license and the robot.

AlsaBot FTMO Challenge Results:

With a license at €1,080 and a capital of $200,000, our robot made $20,401 in 19 days thanks to its day trading strategy, a return gain of $16,000.

Do you also want to generate passive income without risk?

AlsaBot FTMO, trading without capital and without risk.

AlsaBot FTMO

1 year License
  • Trading robot Alsabot FTMO
  • Installing and configuring a VPS
  • Robot setup on MT5 FTMO 10k
  • Free Robot Update and Optimization to Increase Income
  • Access to my Private Whatsapp where I answer you 7/7
  • Access to our Private Discord Server
  • Private Telegram channel access

Buy the Robot in 1 time for 997€

FTMO 10k license is provided in addition

(Other FTMO license available on request)

Buy the Robot in 3 times 350€

FTMO 10k license is provided in addition

(Other FTMO license available on request)

After purchasing your robot, you have the opportunity to combine licenses and increase your earnings

FTMO 20k€ or 25k$ license configuration

FTMO 40k€ or 50k$ license configuration

FTMO 80k€ or 100k$ license configuration

FTMO 160k€ or 200k$ license configuration

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AlsaBot FTMO

  • Robot de trading Asabot FTMO
  • Installation et configuration d'un VPS
  • Configuration du robot sur MT5
  • Mise à jour et Optimisation Gratuite du Robot pour augmenter les gains​
  • Accès à mon Whatsapp Privé où je vous réponds 7/7
  • Accès à notre Serveur Privé Discord
  • Accès Canal Télégram privé

Example of AlsaBot results


Who am I?

My name is Frank

Founder of Web Trade Immo, a site dedicated to financial independence, I am above all CEO of Alsa Web, a web agency in Mauritius. We are the first Google Partner and Facebook Ads agency in Mauritius. Thanks to our dynamic team of 20 people, we have specialized in web marketing for more than 7 years.

For more than 5 years, I have been training on financial independence, I have invested in real estate around the world. Passionate about trading, I created a profitability strategy on P2E games. I developed an automatic robot to do the work for me and generate passive income through cryptocurrencies. Today, this strategy allows me to be financially free.

My goal is simple: to make you financially independent. It’s a win-win relationship, you benefit from my training and in exchange I help you invest smartly so you don’t have to work like a hard worker anymore. For xxx months, I have accompanied more than 120 people wishing to start trading or real estate investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

To everyone. You don’t need to be a trader to increase your income since the automatic trading robot takes care of making money for you on your own. If your initial investment does not pay off (license + robot), we guarantee its repayment.

Yes, if you have needs, configuration problems for example, you contact us via our email address or in the self-help group. Our team can install the robot directly on your computer or vps.

We guarantee you will make money from the robot on FTMO. If the robot does not reach the FTMO objectives and you lose your license, we will reimburse you until you have made your investment profitable, namely the purchase of the robot and the first license at 155€. The results guarantee is only valid for the FTMO 10K license.

To have a funded account, there are 2 steps to go through, in each step, there are 4 criteria to meet.


10 trading days
Maximum 5% drawdown in one day
Maximum 10% loss on account
10% Profile Goal

Evaluation :

10 trading days
Maximum 5% drawdown in one day
Maximum 10% loss on account
5% Profile Goal

So the minimum to pass the 2 stages is 20 working days (10 days of trading per stage), knowing that FTMO offers a free chance at each end of the challenge if all the criteria are met except the profit target (or 15 additional days if you are at 5% profit), AlsaBot FTMO will not take any risk, even if it means trying again on a new license, but the maximum time to have your return on investment is 6 months.

You will be able to withdraw your winnings every 15 days with a maximum delay of 60 days. You will not be able to keep your winnings in your account any longer. to have your return on investment is 6 months.

We accept payments by credit card via Stripe, the most secure platform, bank transfer or cryptocurrency.

No, the robot license is valid for one year with free updates throughout the period. The rest is just ROI.

Once your payment has been validated, you will receive an email within 24 hours to start the configuration of the robot (with an installation guide or direct configuration by our teams).

No, you don’t need any capital since the robot trades with FTMO’s capital and your losses are covered. Your initial investment is only for the robot and the license.

You should be aware that there is an element of risk involved in trading. Only use money you don’t need and apply Strict Money Management.

Do I need capital to make money on FTMO?

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